BBQ Anywhere, Anytime

Available In 4 Colours

Fast & Easy

Delicious & Healthy BBQ Meals


Go Anywhere,
Cook Anywhere

Why struggle with big, bulky BBQs that take up too much room or you can't take to the beach, park or party?

Enjoy and impress with the amazing charcoal flavour and taste of fat-free cooking.

Sizzle, sear and caramelise on high heat to lock in all the natural juices and flavour – then turn down to a low even charcoal heat.

No more gas bottles & big bags of messy charcoal!


Cook up a feast
in 5 minutes

The secret lies in the battery-driven fan system that blows air over the charcoal, so you reach cooking temperature much faster than using a regular charcoal barbeque.

Plus the variable speed fan gives you total temperature control.

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Cool to the Touch-tile.png

Cool To The Touch

Circulating cool air between the inner and outer bowl means the outer bowl remains cool enough for you to pick up and move the Kool Grill – even while cooking.

Plus the stainless steel grill locks the burning charcoal safely so it can’t spill, even if the Kool Grill is turned upside down.


Over 40 minutes continuous cooking time.

You can now have a BBQ anywhere, anytime. Juicy steaks, tender chicken, delicious sausages, char-grilled vegetables – Kool Grill does it all. And it’s big enough to cook for 6 people.





Kool Grill Reviews

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Kool Grill vs. Standard BBQs

Kool Grill   Standard
Reaches Cooking Temperature in Minutes  
Complete Temperature Control  
Cool to Touch  
100% Portable  
No Gas or Electricity  
Quick, Easy & Convenient  
Available in 4 Colours  
Dishwasher Safe  
Battery Operated  


Ready to cook in 3 EASY STEPS:

  • kool grill lighter gel.jpg

    Turn on the fan and light the gel

  • kool grill charcoal cage.jpg

    Place charcoal cage on the lighter plate

  • kool grill start cooking.jpg

    Lock the grill, wait for 5 minutes and start cooking


  • What is a Money Back Guarantee?

    Kool Grill is backed by a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, if for some reason you decide you might not want to keep your purchase, simply return it to us for a full refund of the product price. 

  • What is included in the Kool Grill?

    1x Kool Grill

    1x Carry Case ($67 value)

    1x Instructional Book

    1x Free Kool Grill BBQ Recipe Book ($30 Value)

  • How do I use the Kool Grill?

    1. Turn on the fan and light the gel
    2. Place charcoal cage on the lighter plate
    3. Lock the grill, wait for 5 minutes and start cooking

  • Can it be used indoors?

    Because Kool Grill burns charcoal, it is essential you only ever use it in a well-ventilated area.

  • What do I need to use Kool Grill?

    • Natural Hardwood Charcoal: For best results and flavour, use natural hardwood charcoal, not processed or briquettes. Walnut-sized chunks burn best, and bring your Kool Grill up to cooking temperature faster
    • Lighter Gel: Available at specialist BBQ shops and selected hardware stores
    • 4x AA batteries

  • Does the Kool Grill come with a warranty?

    The Kool Grill is covered by a 1 Year Product Warranty.

  • How do I clean Kool Grill?

    • Clean grill and stainless steel inner bowl after each use using warm water and detergent. The grill and inner bowl are also dishwasher safe.
    • Clean outer bowl with a damp cloth only. Never immerse in water. Do not clean with solvents or flammable liquids.
    • Remove batteries if storing Kool Grill for a long time.
    • Be aware the charcoal cage will need replacing from time to time
    • Let the Kool Grill cool completely before cleaning